Friday, May 21, 2010

101 uses for my ex-wife's wedding dress

Photo Copywrite Kevin Cotter

Holy Heloise! What happens when a wife moves out and takes everything with her except her wedding dress... The husband enters it into a purgatory of defilement of course. The genius of the stunt is the sheer vicarious enjoyment we all feel from witnessing the crude levels of mutilation. Hell, I want the guy to freeze the damn thing then stab it with an ice pick-- Kick it, mold it, grow a chia pet on it. I'd love for him drape it on a cactus then shoot it with a paintball gun. Could he dip it in beer then let a train run over it? My mind is whirling with the possibilities.

Attach it to dart board
Stick it in an ant pile
Burn a hole in it with a magnifying glass
Give it some redbull
tie dye it
Acid wash it
boil it with bleach to clean it and start all over again.

Whatever Kevin Cotter does to it, I am interested, and would venture to call it performance art at this point.

Could it be headed for the MoMa...

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