Monday, May 24, 2010

Artists Beware: Art Scam

Hello Artists-

There are many art scams out there. I know you are all smart, savvy individuals, but sometimes scams can get even the best of us. If you recieve a letter like this do not respond. You can either trash it, or send it in here where I can feature it as an art scam to help other beware.


SubjectArt & Craft Workshops Classes:::::::::::::::
Date: 5/24/2010 8:22:39 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

Hello, How are you doing today ? My name is Jark Smith I want to book for Art & Craft Workshops Classes with you while on a 2weeks holidays in your country.We are a group of 10 people seeking for Art & Craft Workshops training while on holidays and as part of our plans we need Art & Craft Workshops classes/private lessons. We shall be needing a Art & Craft Workshops classes for the whole 3weeks in your area.I would like to book for 2weeks classes for 3 hours each day Monday to Saturday (morning hours) for a group of 10. We are asking for 3 hours per day for 3 weeks - Monday - Saturday. A total of 36 hrs Do you have a training facility where you conduct classes? We can arrange for this,if not available. Do you have rooms or is there any hotel close to your facility?DATE: 7THJUNE2010 TO 21JUNE2010 I would love to know the possibility of working with you during this period.Kindly get back to me with your proposals so that we can make booking asap.The group would be performing for a group of family members over there. I would love to get the total cost or a quote/estimate. What are your payment options? Do you accept credit cards? I would be grateful if you will be willing to do the work to teach quality classes and make us happyRegardsJARK SMITH.


  1. Question....what makes this a scam. We are a legitimate artist retreat and this seems a normal request to respond to.

  2. I have a regular art website with no mention of retreat. Sometimes scammers do things like this to artist to try and get bank account numbers. If you are a real retreat send info to us and we can feature you.


  3. I got the same exact email. Different sender and the dates were changed. Smells like a scam to me.