Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Gallery Palestine Texas Presents Kris Hohlt

Kris Hohlt
Color Outside the Line
You are cordially invited to the
Artist Reception
June 5, 2010 5pm to 8 pm

For all my days I have loved and enjoyed all forms of art. Born in Gilmer, TX and raised all over the south I have been exposed to all kinds of people and places. That makes for a wide range of inspiration and a rich heritage. I can not remember a day that I didn*t create some kind of artistic thing. I love all kinds of mediums and love to explore new and different ways of expressing the vision within. Due to seemingly an endless variety of tools with which one can use I tend to wander through the spacious field of dreams. With each school year brought another art class and new ideas. As I began to explore different mediums I often took specialized classes to learn from those in the know. I have been at TVCC for the last 3 years learning sculpting and ceramics from Beverly Wallace and a host of other clay divas. What fun! I keep and love many gardens of different types. I have played flute for some 30 years. I paint, photograph, sculpt, carve, sketch and design almost any thing. My world is full of eclectic wonderful beauty. Color awes and inspires me, bright bold ones are my favorite, especially red.. I look to the world around me as a jumping off place. This planet is beyond beautiful. My head is full of crazy wonderment that has to go somewhere. I love it when others get pleasure from my stuff, but it is for the sake of release that I work, or play. I find great comfort and joy in letting it out. I love to appreciate the work of others and enjoy a community of very talented artist. Being around other creative people stirs me to create. So from my friends, the very famous and infamous I like to take it in as well.. Give and take makes the world full and rich a good balance, I think..

I have lived in Elkhart with my best friend Bert for 29 years. We raised two children together and have one beautiful grandson. I have been involved in many different aspects of life in East Texas. I am currently a licensed midwife with a small home birth practice, I am also a licensed massage therapist and keep a very small group of clients. I serve on the Anderson County Council on the Arts board of directors where I am learning about Art in a whole new way. Our family attend the Palestine Church where I play flute on the Praise and Worship team. My goal for the future is to be a good wife to Bert, a good Mom to Daniel and Calley and a great Gamma to Logan. To be involved in Art and to enrich the community where we live. I want to paint something, photograph someone or something, form clay into wonderful things and never be satisfied with the status quo, and never ever stop learning! God give us all a teachable spirit. God Bless,
Kris Hohlt
Kris Hohlt's work will be on display the entire month of June.
The Gallery
115 E. Spring Street
Palestine, TX 75801
For more info, please call (903) 724-0319
Anderson County Arts Council
P.O. Box 2323
Palestine, TX 75802
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