Friday, May 21, 2010

Dallas Texas: Marty Walker Gallery presents Post-Now

June 19 ~ July 17, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 19, 6-8pm

Marty Walker Gallery presents Post-Now with works from Anna Krachey, Buster Graybill, and Jesse Morgan Barnett. With a lot of recent attention on global warming and religious fanatical end-of-world warnings, these artists confront the roles of agriculture, technology, and industrialism in a society left without humans. Each artist removes a sense of reality through abstraction, contrasting absurd materiality with the fluidity of life. The photographs, sculptures, and video reveal spontaneity of movement against static material constructions, poetically staging events that articulate the pervasive presence of life by showing its absence.

Anna Krachey – “Krachey’s work directly confronts the world of commercial veneer,” states Wendy Vogel from Austin’s e-journal …might be good. As if a post-apocalyptic study of a lost human world, Krachey’s minimal compositions abstract everyday objects and question the mundane materiality of mass production and human relationships with nature. Influenced by photographs of auction items on eBay, Krachey, like an anthropological examiner, subtly reveals the disconnected artificial plastic nature of consumption by redirecting our gaze, obstructing the view, and re-contextualizing objects within their spaces. Krachey current and recent exhibitions include 31 Women in Photography at Affirmation Arts in New York, Box 13 Artspace in conjunction with FotoFest 2010, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Buster Graybill – creates a simplistic yet futuristic narrative of contemporary sculpture released and adapted to the wild. In a world where metal and machine are free from human control, static utilitarian objects turn into an adaptive, artificial intelligence released to the volatile world of hungry, wild animals. The three-dimensional dodecahedrons constructed from standard pig troughs morph into space-age androids, defensively dispensing corn as it gets pushed around by the animals that discover it. Graybill is a current participant in Artpace San Antonio International Artist-in-Residence and was recently featured in the 2nd Annual Texas Biennial 2009.

Jesse Morgan Barnett – sets a quiet stage by photographing tire skid marks on roadway medians. While showing evidence of violent events, the images appear as deliberate, contemplative strokes of Japanese calligraphy. The mark-making event here, however, is not the result of the artist’s intuition, rather, they reveal moments of misjudgments in the fast-paced car culture of America. The result is a frozen gesture to dramatic events, a silent reminder where past actions are left to the imagination. Born in South Korea, Barnett is will complete an MFA from University of Texas at Arlington this spring.

Together, the artists twist commonplace things into a startling narrative of a vulnerable human experience. Employing abstraction and imagination, the work presents conceivable possibilities in a world currently threatened by progress, confronting the question, “What now?”

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