Monday, May 17, 2010

Call for Entries: Ashes to Art

Artists worldwide working in all sculptural disciplines and media: wood, glass, stone, all metals, clay, mixed media, biodegradable, new and innovative materials, are invited to create original, beautiful objects that are intended to contain all, or a portion of, an individual's cremated remains. Artworks will be selected on the basis of their originality, high quality, and success in honoring the unique characteristics of the individuals they may someday serve. Work must be new and original to the submitting artist or design team. Artwork may be designed to contain ashes only briefly, or thoughout time. Other criteria are described, and opportunities identified, in the PROSPECTUS and RULES OF ENTRY.

Entry Deadline
August 9, 2010
Artist Notification
August 30, 2010 (via email only)
Artist Statetment, Resume/CV
September 17, 2010 (via email only)
Work Received in Gallery
October 4–8, 2010
Online Exhibition Opens
October 23, 2010 - October 21, 2011
Gallery Opening Reception
October 23, 2010: 6–8 PM
Gallery Closing Reception
December 18, 2010: 1-3 PM
People's Choice Awards
December 19, 2010

FUNERIA's 5th biennial international Ashes to Art® exhibition will open with a catered reception under a full moon on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at Art Honors Life®—FUNERIA's Northern California gallery.

The pioneering funerary arts agency and "the nation's first art gallery dedicated to cremation urns and personal memorial art" (NY Times, 1/18/07) have been featured prominently in The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, The New York Times, on CNN, NBC, on KQED public television's "California Report" and in additional print, broadcast and online media worldwide since the first Ashes to Art® show opened in 2001 at San Francisco's historic Fort Mason Center. The gallery is located 1 hour north of San Francisco in the midst of Northern California's premier vineyard region and 20 minutes inland from the spectacular Pacific coast.

To offer even broader exposure and opportunities to artists and those who love their work, the exhibition will also launch online. While the online exhibition will feature all of the artworks selected by a distinguished panel of jurors, Art Honors Life will host a specially curated group of finalists. Their work will join installations by invited guest artists. Each is redefining the funerary art genre and the means by which we honor life across cultures and in our own time. A catalogue will be available. Creating multiple opportunities for artists online and in the gallery makes it possible to include work that merits recognition yet may be more ephemeral, larger scale, or more conceptual than can be served as effectively, or to as large an audience, in a more intimate gallery setting. It also affords a less costly means to participate in the competition and exhibition in instances when artwork is particularly expensive to crate, pack and ship to and from the U.S. from other countries. And, for the first time, registered visitors to the online exhibition will be invited to support their favorite by casting their vote for the People's Choice Award.

On a stormy night at a historic landmark on San Francisco Bay in 2001, visitors waited patiently for the doors to open to the first international juried exhibition of original, contemporary, artist-made urns, vessels, reliquaries and personal memorial art objects. Since that defining moment, Ashes to Art® exhibitions have become much-anticipated opportunities for artists who are eager to explore this genre, and for the public to see and acquire the most beautiful and original funerary artworks being made by artists worldwide today.

This year offers a rare opportunity for artists, product designers, and design teams to enter their best, most original and compelling artworks for an event that has been leading all of us in a renaissance of contemporary funerary art-making and life-celebrating. Art Honors Life. It's as simple as that, and as meaningful.
Beautiful show! It is visually exquisite and I learned more about beauty, content and intention. Wonderful balance. Thank you for the gift of this.Lindsay
Oh, lovely, lovely we need these opportunities to contemplate where it is we're going.Susan & George
This is a first class show!! Beautiful work and the set up and curation is as beautifully done as the art (it is art!). The signage is wonderful as well. Thank you so much for your efforts!Sanderson
Most impressive and beautiful work!Carol
How inspiring - wonderful!Inya
A wonderful afternoon! Thank you so much. The works are so strong, beautiful and theologically insightful.Sharon
Thanks for the inspiration!Ruth
A beautiful collection! Craft and elegance altogether. Thank you.Catherine
I think the Kenmore vacuum cleaner should get the best of show award.Lynn
Bill Moyers would be impressed.Robin & James

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