Friday, June 25, 2010

Artist Opportunity – Call for Participation – Patricia B. Avery Regional Art Exhibit, McKinney

Entry Deadline:  September 15
Patricia B. Avery Regional Art Exhibit 2010
In conjunction with the
Texas Regional Art Symposium

Patricia B. Avery was president of the board of Trustees for the Heard Craig Center for the Arts and an exemplary woman. She personified the wisdom, visionary spirit and integrity of our founder, Kathryn Heard Craig. As board president, Mrs. Avery, guided the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts into a new era of focus on the arts, art acquisition and fostering of young talent. This exhibit, named in her memory, will provide a bridge between art of the past and present.

Texas Women Artists Now and Then: A Study in Artistic Inspiration

Choose a Texas Woman Artist
o Immerse yourself in her work. Study original artwork as much as possible.
o Visit the site of the artist's studio or location where the artwork was produced.
Study the Artist
o What do you admire about the artist and her work?
o Who influenced this artist?
o What were other influential factors? Cultural, environmental, regional, gender, etc.
Analyze the Artwork
o Seek inspiration from the work.
o Examine principles of composition and elements found in their work.
o Respond through new works of your own.
The Turning Point between you and the artist
o When and how do you realize the influence of this artist in your own work?
o Be prepared to share images of your research and work in progress. (We will help you with this presentation.)

Exhibiting artists will receive free admission to T.R.A.S. as well as the opportunity to sell their work without gallery fees. There will also be a scheduled opportunity to meet and greet with prominent historians, curators, art dealers, and art collectors as well as other local artists to discuss your work.

Exhibit Requirements:
Subject: The subject must be that of an early Texas woman artist whose primary works were created 1900 – 1950. Artists may submit up to three pieces for the exhibit.
Size: No larger than 6 feet in height or width.
Medium: All mediums.

For more information go to or call Barbara Johnson at 972/569-6909. The Texas Regional Art Symposium will be held on October 9, 2010 in Heard-Craig Hall at 306 N. Church Street in McKinney, Texas 75069.
Artwork deadline is September 15, 2010

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