Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yarn Bombing vs Traditional Graffiti

So now that yarn bombing is getting so popular, you can find it in most large cities. When I read articles on the net describing the yarn bombers- descriptions such as Hippy, happy, whimsical all pop up. It made me wonder...

Why has yarn bombing gotten such a cheery reception, while typical urban graffiti is treated with a disapproving tsk?

Is it because yarning is pretty? Is it because it's cute, cozy, and conjures up images of a bunch of Donna Reed knitting mommies.

Is regular graffiti sinister with a message of antiestablishment... Is graffiti hard? Is it because it's generally done by a low income demographic?

What's the deal? Why has yarn bombing become fancy free and graffiti has a bad wrap... What's making it catch on so--->

Is it daring with a bow-- rebellious with a cupcake on top?

Leaves me pondering -- a lot...


  1. I suppose that it isn't really what Arthash is all about, but I'd love to get some answers as to what some of the sticker grafitti icons mean and where they come, how to make them would be cool too...but don't tell the cops!

  2. I think each different sticker has a different meaning to each artist. They are used as a way to get that idea out to a broad audience. As for how it's done---> The sticker itself is created out of the mind of the artist. They can be hand drawn or digitally done. Then they are either printed out by a regular home printer or sent off to be done in large batches. The next step is to stick. Not that I would have any experience with this...

  3. And ArtHash is for everyone, every question, every artist!

  4. Thanks for the response! I'm enjoying seeing it everywhere...*grin*