Thursday, September 29, 2011

GALLERY BOMB PRESENTS: Dreaming Under Street Lights art exhibition Dallas Texas Art

October 8th 6-10pm

Oak Cliff- Gallery Bomb is very pleased to bring you Dreaming Under Streetlights, a solo art show by JMR.  As he skirts the boundary between Street Art and Fine Art, JMR has been constantly evolving his neo-abstract technique over the past ten years.  Through his exploration of form and process, he has developed a unique style all his own.
Dreaming Under Street Lights exemplifies the deconstruction of JMR’s approach to his process, as he releases the tension of his lines and allows his work greater movement and flow.  Balancing his line work and color palate, all parts of his artwork share distinct and equal importance. JMR’s steadfast pursuit of a modern styles and organic movements marks a new identity in his lifelong artistic development. The exhibition will be on display October 8thth-Nov.5sh

About the Artist

JM Rizzi, or better known as JMR, has adapted a unique mixture of Neo-Abstract Expressionism with hints of Contemporary Pop to create a style all is own.  With experience in both the street art as well as the gallery world, JMR’s imagery is has become an icon in both his native New York City and his new home in Dallas, Texas.  He looks to demonstrate the scale and motion set forth by early abstract expressionists while reinterpreting it within his own introspective adaptation.  Through his hybrid street style, JMR has dedicated himself to expanding his art further into the public arena.  Having completed a building sized mural in Manhattan at the Pod Hotel, as well as numerous commissioned projects around Brooklyn, JMR looks to take his art to the next level.

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