Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Art Miami-- Please don't be dirty while you try to fuck me...

I mean really-- Really?  Fucking really-- really really?  No motherfucking thank you.  I do not want your fuckhole 160 square foot room for five fucking shit ass thousand dollars?  I mean I can probably have a presidential suite in the fontainebleau for that-- then I could have my own fucking art show WITH Champagne and caviar.

OH and guess what -- no one would be trying to fuck me in my ear hole either!  Why do they do this to artists-- and why do artists do this to themselves.  Some poor artists that don't know any better will scrape money together-- haul all their shit-- set up -- sit-- sit -- sit for days and try to sell their art at these abominable sites. Then they will leave broke and dejected and fucked.  DON'T DO THIS!

If you want to make money on a show circuit-- these are not the right ones to do.  Paying 5000 for a booth only fucks your bank account.  Go to Zapps-- do research on art fairs.  You should not pay more than 500 for space for an art fair and then be prepared to be a gypsy.  Artists do make money from art fairs though-- but you want top tiered fairs.   This below is not a fair-- this is a money making SCANDAL.  Be careful artists.  Do you homework!

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!

The Art Now Fair is returning to Miami Beach and is running concurrently with the Art Basel Miami Beach December 1-4, 2011, making it convenient for those visiting from all over the world for the art events in Miami.

Art Now is a must-see hotel fair held at The Catalina Hotel – 1732 Collins Avenue.  It is situated among high-end restaurants and hotels in the famous Deco District.  The fair is well-located and only a few blocks from the Convention Center which is hosting Art Basel Miami Beach.  The ambiance of the hotel is designed to make experiencing the fair both refreshing and enjoyable for collectors and art world professionals around the globe.

We are offering regular-sized-rooms with approximately 160 square feet of space for only $4800.  There is a mandatory $250 bed removal fee in addition.  You are welcome to bring an air mattress and linens will be provided by the hotel to help offset expenses.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the premier art events in Miami this coming December. To apply, please fill in the Art Now Fair Application.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  We look forward to welcoming you to the fair.


Debbie Kuhn
Sales Manager
Art Fair Now

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