Saturday, September 3, 2011

Juicing for Chronic Fatigue -- breaking the fast

So I decided after 10 days on a juice fast that I needed real food. To be honest, I really just wanted Mexican food. You are supposed to be careful breaking your fast-- eating raw fruits and veggies first. Not me, I didn't wait.

I ate a moderate Mexican meal albeit probably out of the scope of what I would normally order (salads and such). First where chips and queso, next one chicken fajita and a small dollop of beans and rice, and a few bites of tres leches cake to boot. I immediately started to feel foggy, not bad enough to quit mind you.

The next weird thing was that I could feel the food moving through my pipes. I guess they had been narrowed by no solid consumption. This was followed by a stomach ache and then my usual bilateral burning in my feet. I felt exhausted. I went to bed and didn't wake up until just now. That's 10:50 central if you're wondering. I feel tired still, with a slight headache.

Was this worth it you ask? No! I am sure my symptoms were more pronounced because of my pure diet for the last ten days. With that said, my body was obviously critically offended. I also know something in the food I was eating previously was contributing to me being sick. I ate too many things to discern what that was. Reintroduction of one food at a time will be key.

For now I'm going back on my juice for a few days and then on to a more raw lifestyle.

The usual info I include!

So if you've been keeping up, I've started juicing for health reasons. I have had a fatigue problem for a long time, but it's gotten worse and now I can't even exercise. This is the worst for me, as I love to be active. I watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and was immediately motivated to start juicing.

My plan right now is to do this for 7 days. I've been to the doctor and most everything shows up fine, that's why I'm taking this approach. You should always consult a doctor if you plan on doing any plan like this. I have a physician on duty ;).

If you are interested in process from day one you can click here:

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