Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Shit, You are in an Art Slump

What the hell are you going to do now?

This was a post that was in the group today. 

If you aren't in our group, you damn well should be.  You are missing all the fun.


So here goes:
important questions here, what do you guys think?
when you are in a funk, do you battle through or take a break?
how do you know if your talents are good enough?
how do you gage success if you do not sell?
if you do not sell, is that a sign that you have the desire, just not the skill?
is there a sign when you should just walk away?
and here are some responses 

    • SOnia Semone How long have you been making art?

    • Paul Pena bout year and a half...

    • SOnia Semone dang-- I typed all that and now its gone? WTF

    • James M. Rizzi only make art if you HAVE to. other wise enjoy life!!
      about an hour ago · 

    • Paul Pena thanks sonia for the feedback. honestly, sometime i do not know what the fuck i am doing and should just my art supplies on craig's list...
    • SOnia Semone Yes-- being an artist is very frustrating. If you enjoy it then you should do it-- if you don't-- then you should not. When I start a new body of work-- or get new ideas I get pretty excited. I can work for days and months like a maniac.
      about an hour ago

    • SOnia Semone Sometimes I just want to open a sandwich shop and stop painting
      about an hour ago ·

    • James M. Rizzi i turn into a terrible person if i'm not creating something in some form. just real miserable and no good to anyone. but when I am, everything feels right. its an addiction, clearly. perhaps an obsessive compulsion.
      about an hour ago ·

    • SOnia Semone totally-- i get this edgy feeling. Although right now I am out of the creative zone.

    • James M. Rizzi but if you do have that itch, make great mistakes with your art and your life. they are one and the same.
      about an hour ago ·

    • Jacque Allen Forsher ‎(1) Battle on, take no prisoners. (2) Any type of talent can be improved upon. This is why practice makes perfect. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as perfect. (3) Being successful does not always result in monetary gain (aka art sales). What do you personally expect from success? Money? Happiness? Fame? All of the above? Set a goal towards whatever your vision of success is and realize it may take a lifetime to reach it. It doesn't hurt to buy a lottery ticket every now and then. A winning lotto # would speed the process up. (4) While artists benefit from having both, desire and skill should not be confused. Desire requires a little angst and a big dream. Skill takes desire, patience and mucho grande effort. (5) If creating art makes YOU happy, then why would you want to walk away from that?
      about an hour ago ·

    • SOnia Semone Hey--this whole blog and group came from me being totally and utterly at my whits end frustrated because I live in a town where it is hard to be an artist. Now can chat with all of you great peoples any time of the day!
      57 minutes ago ·

    • Daniel Birdsong Every artist hits a low or has insecurities about what they are doing. Self doubt can be advantageous in being self critical, or honest about your work. You can let it be your drive. Don't take a break... but make. It requires self discipline to go into the studio. The ideas are generated by what you experience, but understood and expounded upon through what takes place in the studio. The work makes you better. It is what teaches you. If you sit around just wondering...... you tend to produce doubt.
      50 minutes ago · 

    • James M. Rizzi don't get caught up in the death blow question, "what's the point?"
      45 minutes ago · · 

    • SOnia Semone oh yes-- what is the point? I may cut my ear off
      44 minutes ago ·

    • Jacque Allen Forsher Could I please have it if you do? I might use it in a mixed media piece.
      42 minutes ago

 Via Email
 I used to go on road trips and Gallery hop. When I got really stumped I got a Trucking Job and went over the road for 13 years. I re-though Art 24/7 for 13 years. That handled the hell out of that.
 and another one from email
go have sex or something that will take your mind and body some where else

 So what do you do when you are in an art Slump?

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