Monday, March 7, 2011

White Art Exhibit New York at No non profit gallery

NO, a non‐profit gallery that opened on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in February 2011, is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of WHITE, the second chapter of THE NORTH STARS. A series of 3 month‐long group shows, each exhibit features contributions by 8‐10 visual artists paired with one or more performance artist(s). We invite you to join us at the opening of WHITE on March 4, and would love to see you cover or list our show on arthash. 

White features a sampling of pared‐down pictorial languages: minimalist investigations of form as well as figurative work where the expressive force resides in the naked line. 

With an emphasis on the medium of drawing, White will feature Continuous City, a multi‐piece in ink by 
Berlin‐based Björn Hegardt, internationally known for his innovative editorship of FUKT ‐ Magazine of Contemporary Drawing, which was recently presented at NYC's PS1. Lotte Konow Lund, who is currently working towards a solo show at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo, contributes Good Greed, a series of 13 drawings where she imagines what Gordon Gekko's art collection might look like today: by quoting other artists, she creates a send‐up of the capitalist incarnate's view of life and art.

Having just completed a solo show at the Platform China Contemporary Art Institute in Beijing, Ane Graff shows her exquisite renderings of the surface and structure of organic mass, while Kristin Skrivervik offers her sparse and graceful visual interpretations of Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance. Also deceptively simple at first sight are Lars Strandh's monochromes, which are currently on view at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as in galleries in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Tennessee. Finn Graff, a 73‐year old Nestor of the Norwegian art world knighted with the Royal Order of St. Olav, exhibits one of his summarily elegant, but merciless portraits. Another witty take on the human form is Tail by Anki King, who recently won the 2010 London International Creative Award. Kurt Johannessen, the pioneering performance artist whose books and text pieces are featured throughout the NORTH STARS series, will show a suite of drawings created while blindfolded. Also included in each chapter are works by Sol 

Kjøk and Rune Olsen, whose original paper sculpture titled Rattus Norvegicus proved so compelling that it was stolen from the 2005 Istanbul Biennial. In memoriam of this lost piece, a bronze version of the original is currently on display at .NO.

At the opening reception on March 4, the Glasgow‐based artist Agnes Nerdregård will present a performance piece. The organizer behind the international performance art festival It's Never or Now! held in Bergen in January of this year, Nerdregård is recognized as one of the leading voices in the Norwegian performance art scene, known for her physically demanding and audacious work that pushes the limits of the human body.

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