Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview: Clear Productions

What is your name: Clara A. Jackson

What field are you in: I am the Director of the Artist Collective, Clear-Productions

What motivated you to get in the line of work you are in: I live and breathe arts, but have no talent. My talent is in my eye. I found my niche as an agent in New York at a large agency at a young age. I learned to earn a living doing what I love.

What's the best thing about your job: Developing my talent. It makes my world complete.

You have a passion for the arts when did that start: As a young child. My home was filled with it on every level. Books,music and fashion also facilitated my passion.

You feature artists, what prompted that: Gut feelings about how far they can evolve artistically.I believe their potential is unlimited if they do their own thing. Not try to turn them into a throwaway product.

What has the response been: Great! However, I have been accused of being "too safe". I don't care, these people have to make a living! However, I do have a new trick up my sleeve as we speak.....

What is your favorite genre of art: #1-Photography #2 Raw, intellectual street art #3 Outsider art.

What is the most moving piece of art you have seen in person: The Little Dancer, by Degas

Are there any new exhibits you are interested planning on seeing: The Alexander McQueen Costume Institute Show at The Met.

Who is your favorite artist of all time, and why:
Dilemma: Claude Monet/ Walker Evans/ Julius Schulman/ Iggy Pop/Hunter S. Thompson/ Coco Chanel/ Our Earth/ Mahalia Jackson/Edward Gorey. They are all originals!


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