Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marijuana and Such

So now looking back, one of the more fun times in my life was when I dated a drug dealer (a minorly reformed one). Sure he was fat, and at times annoying, but the weed was good. I liked weed. Although it made me a total waste, laughing and undesirable, it was fun. I didn't worry about much. Life consisted of finding a nightly party and drinking. It's a wonder I ever got my ass up and finished college. Truth be told, I had to drop it all to get things done. But that's boring...

What was not boring was being young and carefree. I haven't touched weed since I won't tell you when-- it's been that long.

So if you are out there smoking your bowl or eating a brownie-- I hope you are being productive. And puff one for me!


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