Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ArtPrize 2011 Kicks off! Grand Rapids Michigan


Is it that time again?

Why, yes it is. Venue registration opened yesterday, which is when the train leaves the station toward ArtPrize 2011, September 19 - October 9.

Rick DeVos held a press conference where he announced a new Exhibition Center dedicated to music and performance.

New Exhibition Center

Although performance and music have played a small role in the past two events, ArtPrize organizers put a stake in the ground yesterday by announcing a new Exhibition Center dedicated to music and performance.

St Cecilia's Music Center sits in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, in the Hillside neighborhood. It boasts a 650 seat auditorium. Plans also include two galleries/listening rooms and an outdoor stage.

Top 125, the New Top 25

In the past, we displayed the top 25 artists getting votes for the first week of the event.

To get more people talking about more art earlier in the event, the website will display the top 25 for each of the five neighborhoods.

(We're still planning some arrangement for Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, the only ArtPrize venue that falls outside the event's boundary.)

2011 Key Dates

Mark your calendars, email your friends and adjust your travel schedule. Here comes ArtPrize 2011
Venue Registration

Opens Monday, March 14

Ends Thursday, April 14 (5:00PM EDT)

Artist Registration

Opens Monday, April 18

Ends Thursday June 16 (5:00PM EDT)

Artist/Venue Matching

Opens Tuesday, May 31

Ends Thursday, June 30 (5:00PM EDT)

ArtPrize 2011

Opens Wednesday, September 21

Ends Sunday, October 9

Learn more about key dates for art in the Grand River and other 2011 plans in our news release.
What are those ArtPrize people thinking?

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