Friday, January 28, 2011

What is Brian Nolan Up To?


    Pretty cool thing happened to me recently. I sat down to watch HBO's Treme for the first time. As the show went to it's opening credit sequence I started to notice that the images were more and more about how the flood waters damaged the city of New Orleans.  This cool sense came over me as the music played and the images passed by, I just felt that one of my images was about to pop up on the screen - sure enough - there was one.  If you watch the opening credit sequence my image is used below the credit for the co-executive producer. 
I assume they purchased the image from one of the stock image banks I send my work out to.  Years ago having your work on TV would have meant a decent check in the mail - the internet killed that by reducing the use fees and allowing broader use licenses to buyers.  Years ago I would have been upset that my work was used and that I was never notified - bad breach in protocol but I suppose that's the world we live in - you put your work out there for others to see and it's out of your hands.  I'm not upset because I'm finally getting to use the words "AS SEEN ON TV" with my work.  How cool is that?
I'm sending a print down to a charity auction in New Orleans hosted by HBO.  The cause is a good one - helping musicians. Here's the image as SEEN ON TV.

PS did I mention my work can be purchased online at: ?

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