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Ashes to Art Update Funeria Art Honors Life Sonoma County
FUNERIA Publishes Price List for 5th Biennial International Ashes to Art® Exhibition
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Happy New Year! 

If you have been one of the more than 17,000 visitors to see FUNERIA's Ashes to Art® exhibition online since October 2010, you may have wondered why we haven't posted prices earlier for all of the spectacular original artworks in our 5th biennial exhibition. Here's why:

When neighbors, friends, supporters and hundreds of visitors arrive from nearby cities and throughout the world to attend our international exhibitions at FUNERIA's Sonoma County Art Honors Life® gallery, we believe their special effort deserves not only a warm welcome but a special advantage--one of which is a first look at the prices that each of the artists has set for their own work.
While the Internet offers many interactive opportunities for the curious mind, we know that sculpture and multi-dimensional forms can only be fully appreciated in museums, galleries, in public and private venues where we can experience their mass or their delicacy and feel their impact in relation to ourselves. 

Textures, scale, colors and fine details may be represented fairly well online, but stepping into a physical environment, touching the work, recognizing why both the setting and artworks were created, and why a distinguished panel of arts professionals selected them, requires a trip. So, we reward those who travel to our exhibitions with a bonus. They are the first to know that some artists have set surprisingly low prices for their work. They learn that all of the superbly crafted funerary urns and personal memorial artworks, including those at the highest end, are more fairly priced than they expected to find while seeking a unique means to honor a life they've loved.
Now it's your turn to find out that one of the highest scoring artworks among the jurors, which was also the second highest scoring People's Choice contest vote recipient, is a stunning, sophisticated, and exquisitely crafted original artwork priced at $400. We've checked our documents countless times to be sure an extra zero wasn't missing.
You'll also find pieces priced at several thousand more, and we don't always have the very best photos posted to represent them in their full glory. Ask us if they're still available however, and if they are, ask to see better images so that we can help convey some of the details that warrant their price... many times over. We'll tell you about the artists themselves--their inspiration, education and major awards they may have received. 

Artists, after all, like to sell and share their work, just as we all hope to be acknowledged for our talents, enjoy comforts, educate our children well and contribute to our communities. FUNERIA is proud to represent artists in the process--to promote, advertise and champion them in any way we can. We know, though, that many more hours, expensive tools and materials were required to create each of these pieces than their price reflects. Imagine not just a 40 hour work week but a hundred and more hours spent in shaping, carving, hammering these beautiful objects. To say nothing of the creative process that precedes their production, to the time spent inspecting, perfecting, to ensuring that their work is the very best it can possibly be. 

This is, after all, work that is specifically created to serve a special purpose. It is artwork that is intended to honor a unique life. It may be for an adult with a lifelong passion for exploring the natural world and universe--seeking beauty and studying its secrets; a pet that has retrieved every tennis ball you've thrown, carried you on its back or helped keep you warm at night. It may be for a child who hadn't enjoyed nearly enough of life, but knew the beat and fullness of their mother's heart. It could be for you. What will your urn look like?

So, there you have it. If this isn't a compelling enough statement on the value of seeing, touching and having meaningful, evocative, original art and superbly crafted and designed memorial artwork in your own life, then you'll just have to take a closer look. Open the price list and ask us how we can help you acquire exactly what you want and surely deserve.

Here's to your beautiful life!

Maureen Lomasney
President & Founder


FUNERIA, founded in 2000, is a pioneering contemporary funerary arts agency, international exhibitions organizer and in 2007 opened "the nation's first art gallery dedicated to cremation urns and personal memorial art" (The New York Times, 1/18/07). The Northern California-based firm promotes and sells original artist-designed and superbly crafted artwork in all media, including a growing number of biodegradable options for both people and their pets, through retail and reseller channels worldwide. 
ts exhibitions and activities have been featured prominently in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Financial Times, The New York Times, on CNN, NBC, on KQED public radio's "The California Report", Sonoma County's  KRCB public radio station's "artsID" program, in books, including the Napa/Sonoma Lonely Planet publication's visitors guide, and in additional local, regional and international print, broadcast and online media since the first Ashes to Art® show opened in 2001 at San Francisco's historic Fort Mason Center. FUNERIA and its Art Honors Life® gallery are located 1 hour north of San Francisco in the west Sonoma County town of Graton.

For further information, call 888 829 1966 (US toll free), 707 829 1966 or email

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