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Dallas, TX:With the release of Frausun's second album "Victory Garden," the ambient/electronic,military-fetish duo, with video and BDSM performances, continue creating their controversial and original sound in the Dallas music scene.

"The album '1000' is about my destruction and beginnings of rebirth after tragedy. The songs are raw and filled with struggle. 'Victory Garden' is more complex. It celebrates the Becoming." Kurtz

While Tibetan Singing Bowls and other international instruments are again used,newer European tones have been added as well.

"After I wrote my German opera The Dawn, I was inspired to introduce cello and violin strings, acoustic guitars, and horns into this work. In my song 'The Dervish,' where the twirling of the Sufis is an allegory for ascending sexual conquest, I blended Middle Eastern instruments and calls to prayer with European harpsichords." Kurtz

Frausun continues with their themes of spiritual love, war, and passion, but in"Victory Garden, " Kurtz and DJ The Dove go deeper. From "Sig Sig," which tells the story of a warrior who cannot drink from his father's horn until he is victorious in battle to "Temple of the Delphi,"about a woman who is so beautiful she awakens the statues at a museum, the songs are swirling, rhythmic, and, at the same time, war-like. Unconventional tones are utilized, including screams from a mad house and Latin invocations for 4 songs where poetry is read over ambient chants.

As part of the theatrics for the live shows, Kurtz uses video projections of movies he has created and Paloma has starred in, as well as Legion banners.

"The banners contain my personal sigil: The sun and moon in an eclipse,about to become a Perfect Circle and the alchemical symbol for Gold. The rising bull horns reaching towards the heavens as masculine strength and call for sacrifice without fear, during battle." Kurtz

Included in the performances, is DJ The Dove, Kurtz's Muse, who also performs theatrics during the set.

The album "Victory Garden" can be previewed and purchased at:

Additional information can be found at: www.frausun.com


January 22, 2011 O'Rileys | Dallas
February 25, 2011 Elysium | TERRORBYTE Music Festival | Austin
February 26, 2011 Headhunters | Austin
March 18, 2011 Rock Dogs | Ft. Worth

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