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Earth and Ether: Pamela Burnley-Schol opens Saturday, February 26, 2011 Norwood Flynn Gallery Dallas

“Earth and Ether: Pamela Burnley-Schol opens Saturday, February 26, 2011 with an Artist’s Reception from 6-8pm. Norwood Flynn Gallery is pleased to showcase “Earth and Ether,” new work by Pamela Burnley-Schol. Pamela, new to Norwood Flynn Gallery, is a 20 year member of University of North Texas College of Art and Design faculty. This work focuses on the use of cloudscape, landscape and still life genre as vehicles for her interest in personal icons.  Burnley-Schol’s paintings are intricately crafted and tangible three-dimensional objects, made from wood, gilded with 22k gold leaf, and painted in oil pigment. The show continues through March 19, 2011.

All shows are free and open to the public.  The public may call 214-351-3318 or visit for information.

Pamela Burnley-Schol- Artist Statement:  My recent work focuses on the use of cloudscape and landscape as personal icon.  I am especially interested in examining the iconic possibilities for the space between earth and sky, between the physical and the ethereal.  I have also often used portraiture and still life genre as vehicles for the same interest in personal icon.
Like the ancient tradition of orthodox icon paintings, the modern snapshot has often been a sign or representation that stands for its’ object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.  I believe that ordinary things can become icons, windows revealing something greater than the thing itself.

It is my intent to elevate these ordinary snapshot subjects so that they convey to the public that sense of deep, but perhaps intangible significance that was held by the original viewer.  To quote L’Engle, “An icon is more than a simile; it is a metaphor, containing within itself something of the indescribable, so that the need for description vanishes.”

Each painting is an intricately crafted and tangible three-dimensional object, made from wood, Gilded with 22k gold leaf, and painted in oil pigment.  I have combined common materials such As wood with precious gold leaf, and the physical unframed structure of the painted panel is a reference to altarpieces and icons found in traditional liturgical art, in order to celebrate as icon,
those fleeting details of daily life that are often considered ordinary.

About Norwood Flynn Gallery
Norwood Flynn Gallery, housed in a 1940's cottage on the south shore of Bachman Lake, represents contemporary art by emerging and mid career artists.  The gallery exhibits and sells paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, & new media, with an emphasis on unique Texas artists.

         Gallery Information:
         Norwood Flynn Gallery - Sue Flynn, Owner
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         Gallery Hours:
Wednesday through Saturday: Noon - 5:00 p.m. And by appointment

"Transfiguration: Corn and Copper," 24"x24"x2," oil and 22k gold leaf on panel

 "Port," 16"x16"x2," oil and 22K gold leaf on panel

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