Monday, January 17, 2011

Artists Wanted : A Year in Review is Awarding a Feature at SCOPE NYC 2011

What will you show in one of the world's most important creative venues? 

What will you create with thousands in grant money?  
This is your moment to be discovered.
You are invited to participate in Artists Wanted : 
A Year In Review, an international, all-medium-encompassing 
open call for art, design, video and photography with a mission
to present a range of technique, style and narrative that 
captures the best emerging artists of 2010
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This is your chance at:

Artists Wanted is awarding a feature at SCOPE Art Show 2011 in NYC and more
During the first week of March 2011
New York City will host artists, galleries, critics and 
curators from all over the world. This is your 
opportunity to shine in the spotlight of a feature
booth at SCOPE, the premier showcase for 
international emerging contemporary art 
and one of the most influential presences in the 
expanding global art market.
Your Deadline is Friday January 28, 2011 11:59pm EST
Entries will be reviewed by an amazing panel of 
talents who are leaders in their fields, dedicated to 
creative expression and fully supportive in the effort to 
identify and recognize emerging artistic talent all across
the globe. Go ahead, amaze them:
Our jury panel includes Saul Ostrow, Lee Wells, Craig Cohen, Lesley Martin, James Jean, and more

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