Friday, September 17, 2010

Gallery Reception – HCG Gallery, Dallas

HCG Gallery Showcases Work by Three Diverse Artists
Opening reception: Saturday, September 18, 7-9 pm
HCG Gallery presents “N.R.G.,” a compilation of work by three closely watched artists in the Dallas counter-cultural scene: Sergio Garcia, Mark Nelson and Richard Ross. From individual beginnings in graffiti, airbrush, mural painting and acid punk music to current essays in canvas, sculpture and collage, each of these artists has established a strong reputation and following. “N.R.G.” provides an opportunity to assess the work of three diverse innovators in one place. This is not their first collaborative venture; in 2008, Garcia, Nelson and Ross showed together, to acclaim.

Sergio Garcia builds candy colored tricycles that “toy” with viewers’ structural expectations, stimulating childhood curiosity and recollections, while his ironic and self-reflective text paintings promote an open dialogue about subjective views of morality.

Mark Nelson explores temporality and the landscape of the mind with paintings of architectural spaces and anachronistic elements, creating a snapshot of the psyche that challenges the viewer to engage in the storytelling process.

Richard Ross searches for beauty in mundane and new iconic figures through his vibrant linocut collages, referencing both historic and contemporary mythology. His childlike characters and landscapes stylishly and playfully coax raw emotions from the viewer.

These keenly independent artists, working in many media, share a common impulse to challenge convention, interrogate assumptions, and recast familiar tropes into new and provocative forms.

HCG Gallery
1130 Dragon St., Suite 190
Dallas, Texas

HCG Gallery opened its doors in April 2008 with a goal of representing important contemporary artworks in all media, emphasizing emerging and established Texas artists. The gallery thrives to create an environment that fosters understanding of art of our time.

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