Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Solo Unveiling of African’s in Brooklyn New York Art Opening

Genesis Tramaine

Visual Artist

Solo Unveiling of African’s in Brooklyn, A Mixed Media Collection That Mirrors the Lives and Faces of First Generational, Americanized and American-Born African’s in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, NY- September 16, 2010- Visual Artist, Genesis Tramaine will have a brownstone based, solo opening that examines the relationships, expressions and outward emotions within the populous of the black residents in Brooklyn, New York.  

Using heterogeneous methods, Genesis creates her work through raw canvas, acrylic, spray paint, oil, pastels, wood and may sometimes even use a knife in place of a paintbrush.  African’s in Brooklyn impresses the visibility of a specific yet vast community of color and infuses inspiration from varying backgrounds including, but not limited to West African, Dominican, Nigerian, Guyanese, Caribbean and African American Brooklyn residents.  The collection will feature over 50 original and unedited sketches, paintings and portraits, with special attention to The Funeral , a smaller collection within African’s in Brooklyn that chronicles how Genesis perceives death. 

Choosing to exhibit in a Bedford Stuyvesant brownstone, Genesis exposes her interpretation of the different subsets of Africans in an increasingly gentrified yet culturally rich borough in one of the world’s most diverse cities.  Genesis explains that she “wanted to create an open space free of artistic classism.  Galleries often carry a privileged appeal that could potentially intimidate underexposed or unconventional attendees.  I want the people of Brooklyn to see how I see them, I want people who wouldn’t normally come to this neighborhood to see how I see these same faces, and so it was organic that I chose the community that inspired all of it.”

Genesis will present pieces for sale at the time of the opening.  To find more about Genesis Tramaine and African’s in Brooklyn, visit: (Genesis tramaine) (African’s in Brooklyn Teaser)

Genesis Tramaine

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