Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art Gallery Interview: The Hive Gallery Los Angeles

What is the name of your Gallery or Artspace:
The Hive Gallery and Studios

What is your name and what is your position at the Gallery:
Nathan Cartwright- owner/curator of The Hive Gallery

Describe your Gallery space:
 The Hive is part Gallery, part performance and part studio art space- we have 5-6 featured artists a month, up to 50 group show artists, performances at openings and up to 26 studio artists

How long has the gallery been open:
 This last April was our 5 year anniversary- about 5 1/2 years
What was the impetus to start the Gallery:
 I'm an artist and curator- I had made a name for myself back in 2003-5 for putting on large group art shows and performances. Bert Green told me about the availability of an art gallery space
and I jumped on the opportunity

Tell us more about the Studio:
 My studio artists run their own businesses out of the Hive- they rent a space and I don't take commission when they sell stuff. They have wireless internet access, supply access, promotion and pr through the gallery
and more!!!
Do you have exhibits:
We have an exhibit every month- since we first started over 5 years. Our openings are every first Saturday night and they are a performance and live art atmosphere.

What type of work do you showcase:

I exhibit Pop-surrealist/ illustration based artwork generally- but try to throw some curveballs every once in awhile. I like to show artists who are "active" and excited about what they make.

Do you work with local artists or artists from all over:
 Probably 90 percent of our artists are from LA- but I have an out of state Rep, Romina Gonzalez who finds other artists around the country

Do you add new artists regularly and if so what is the process in which you select them:

Im always adding new artists- I look at what type of work they make and see if it fits my gallery's look and also assess if it's the type of work I can sell. In the end the gallery has to survive so this is important.

As a gallery what do you look for when reviewing artists:
Strong figurative and technical expertise, vision and uniqueness. If one of these aspects is there but somethings missing I help to coach artists in the direction that works best for The Hive.

What is the most frustrating thing you have to deal with when it comes to artists:
Being on time with picking up and dropping off art is probably the most difficult part- but in the end, Im an artist too and get along pretty well.

What is your personal favorite exhibition from the gallery, past or present, and why:
My favorite exhibition is our Anniversary show each year (in April) which promotes many of our Featured artists through the years. Artists contribute portraits of "avatars" that live in an imaginary land I created
called "Hiveland". Its a really fun show every year and a book is in the making about this show.

How many shows do you have each year:
At least 12- we also do festivals and pop-up shows around town

What is a typical event like at the Studio:
Its like a carnival! Live painting, music, artists, video projection, colorfully dressed people- it's a blast!!!
Just for fun who is your favorite artist, living or dead, and what about their work moves you:
(Hmmmmmmmmmm- I love Francis Bacon's work- he was pretty epic, and risky and crazy with his painting style. I could not do what he does.....gotta respect that.
My favorite living artist is a Hive artist- Christopher Ulrich- . He is a living genius, and has infinite wisdom to share with us!

What new things do you have in store for this year:

October 2010 we are having a "Hell versus the Monster Mash" themed show- this should be fun.
November 2010 is a Sculpture themed show- sculptors from the movie industry and more!!
January 2011 is our second annual Tarot Card themed show, which we'll make a tarot card deck from
We post the shows on our website at

The Hive Gallery and Studios 
  729 S.Spring St. LA, CA 90014
Contact Person: Nathan Cartwright

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