Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Collective Exhibition & Reception Liminarte Gallery Dallas

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Event Type: Collective Exhibition & Reception
Exhibition Titled: Under $500
Date and Time: Saturday Match 5th to Saturday April 2nd 2011


Misha Huntting
Lorey Griffin
Eric Salazar
Michael Bales
Augustine Cordero
John McLaughlin
Asaki Tanaka
Christian Millet
Julie Zarate
Adam Burkett
Jamie Labar
Pat Ramseur
Hunter Wild
Linda Bourgault
Jim Lively
Anna Freitzel
Anna Eliot
And many others
Featured Artist:
Misha Huntting
My work is a fusion of my own quixotic pursuits and the disenchantment I have encountered along the way. However, it is also about the encouragement I have received, in the most unlikely places. In my series of multi-media images I examine characters that embody the discouraging reality of the American dream in two ways. One, they represent a member of society that more often than not, may be overlooked because we find some element of their situation to be grotesque, dismaying or even possibly, simply average. Two, I base them on long-forgotten film stars that might have achieved their ideal moment that was just that, a moment. 

With my work I hope to invite others to examine in more detail what a complacent diner cook, a deformed child or a conflicted priest might experience day in and day out. I invite the viewer to discover a hero and an inspiration in a very unlikely place.

Jon Mclaughlin
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