Monday, February 28, 2011

Beauty Queen Sheen: Whats Julia Ann Rice up to...

Dear Sonia,

I just found your email from last August! I wrote an interview for Arthash last summer and wanted to tell you about a recent project you might be interested in.

This past fall, I did an art residency at CellSpace in San Francisco. I interviewed women 60+ on their views of beauty and aging (when they were young and at present, as well as any changes). I then took photos of their faces and made oil paintings (of the faces) on disposable surfaces. I absolutely loved doing the interviews (and making many new friends in the process!) The exhibitions were wonderful celebrations for all involved. I created a blog with all the interviews and faces. I am hoping to continue this project here in my little town in Spain next. Here's the link to the blog...

Hope you are doing well!

take care and happy weekend,


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