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The Tallahassee International is an annual juried competition organized by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts. The competition is open to all media and is juried by a panel of faculty from within the College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance. For a printable PDF of this prospectus please click here.
View the 2010 Exhibition Selections.

Dates to Remember

The POSTMARK DEADLINE for entries is Valentine’s Day 02/14/11.
The jury will meet during March or April to make selections and notification will go out no later than 04/14/11. The exhibition is currently scheduled for August 21 to September 24, 2011. Accepted works must be in the Museum by 08/11/11 unless other arrangements have been made. All dates are subject to slight changes.

Entry Fee/Form

There is a $20.00 entry fee. A maximum of two (2) works per person may be submitted. Digital images or slides will be accepted, but digital images are preferred and must be in jpeg format (300dpi - 3MB or less). No SASE is necessary - NEITHER SLIDES NOR CD'S WILL RETURNED. The FSU Museum can only accept cash, checks, traveler cheques or money orders. Foreign checks and currencies cannot be processed.

For a PDF Entry Form please click here.

(You will need Adobe Reader to open this link. Adobe Reader is a free download.)

Rules of Entry

Artists are eligible to submit works without regard to sex, race, creed or national origin. Artists must be 18 years of age or older (current FSU CVATD faculty or students may not enter). All media is eligible for consideration. For two-dimensional pieces provide one (1) image per work. For three-dimensional and installation pieces artists may provide two (2) images per work—a front and rear view or an overall view and a detail. Video based media submissions are eligible for consideration but must be in Quicktime or Windows Media Player format, and should be no longer than a two-minute trailer. Each CD or slide must be clearly marked with the artist’s name and title(s) of work. If you are submitting slides, please indicate with an arrow, on the slide, the TOP of the work. The Museum does not impose size restraints, however see Shipping Exceptions for further details. Work must be original and prepared for exhibition (i.e. ready for hanging or other appropriate installation). No framed work, other than hand-delivered, may be shipped with glass; artists must use Plexiglas in framing. Although all reasonable precautions ARE taken to ensure protection of accepted work, in case of accidentAL DAMAGE, claims for full loss must be justified by prior sales amounts equivalent to the value of the claim. Work will be insured from the time of arrival at the museum through return transit (see Shipping Exceptions).

Method of Selection

The competition is juried by a panel of faculty members from the Florida State University College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance. Jurors select works based on their own merit and must agree the artist demonstrates skill within the chosen medium. Selections are made from the digital images, so it is imperative that quality images be provided to insure fair judging. Jurors and the FSU Museum reserve the right to reject, upon arrival, any work of unacceptable craftsmanship and quality not discernible in the image.

Shipping of Accepted Entries

Artists must provide for incoming shipping and insurance to the Museum. Work must conform to parcel post, DHL, Fed Ex or UPS weight and girth limitations. Arrangements for delivery and return of oversized work must be made, and paid for, by the artist (see Shipping Exceptions). Artists whose works are selected for exhibition must have their work in the Museum by 08/11/11. In most cases, except those as outlined below, the Museum will provide return transit. The Museum will choose the most economical means of return. Works will be returned packed in the same materials and manner in which they are received, therefore crates, boxes and other shipping containers must be strong enough for the return trip.

Shipping Exceptions

Artists who are outside the US and artists whose crated work exceeds parcel post, DHL, Fed EX or UPS weight and girth limitations will be responsible for both incoming and return shipping arrangements and costs, including transit insurance. The works must ship out the week immediately following the exhibition closing date, and the Museum must be informed as to the exact date of pick up. Artists who choose to hand-deliver their work to the Museum must also pick up their work. The Museum will not reimburse travel. In addition to being responsible for incoming and return shipping and transit insurance, artist who are outside the US will also be responsible for all expenses related with customs clearance, including duties and taxes and the hiring of a customs broker if necessary.

Special Insurance Limitations

Artists sometimes choose to present works on paper (drawings, photographs, prints, etc.) without frames and this presentation method will be subject to review at the Museum; the Museum may be unable to hang works presented without frames, other than multiples (photographs and prints), due to insurance requirements, but will proceed on a case by case basis.
In the instance of damage to a photographic or print work, the artist's damage claim will be limited to the cost of reprinting the image(s) or repairing damage incurred to the frame or other mounting support. Invoice, receipt, estimate or other documentation must be provided to support the re-printing and/or remounting expense. No other damage claims will be possible under the terms of the current insurance contract. Claims for damage to photographic or print works will be for replacement cost only and as such, the damaged work then becomes property of the FSU Museum of Fine Arts.

Special Exhibition Requirements

Any special exhibition requirements MUST BE submitted in writing accompanying the entry. If an installation work wins entry the Museum of Fine Arts sets the following conditions: 1) The artist must be willing to deliver and install the work or provide specific installation instructions. If the artist chooses to deliver and install, he/she is then responsible for the de-installation and pick-up of the work the week following the close of the exhibition at his or her own travel expense. 2) The installation, if equipped with electronic functions, must be set up by the artist to be viewer activated or be able to run continually for 7 hours daily. Such lengths of time present problems of wear and tear on an artist’s machinery and should be considered before submitting an entry with electrical or mechanical components. All equipment must be provided by the artist, unless otherwise arranged with the Museum.


The jurors select the award winners from the actual works of art, after the exhibition has been installed. The First Place winner will receive $1,000.00 and the Second Place winner will receive $500.00. A color catalog is produced, and all artists who enter will receive a copy. Accepted artists will each receive a set of 12 complimentary catalogs. The Museum does not take a commission on works sold as a result of the exhibition. Interested buyers will be referred directly to the artist.

Contact Information

If you have any questions please email Jean D. Young or call (850) 644-3906.

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