Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote Jennifer Contini's One Heart Art Project

“One Heart Art Project”

Celebrating the Rebuilding and Rebirth 

of Lower Manhattan

My name is Jennifer Contini Enderby.  I am a mixed media artist that started my career Downtown Manhattan. I am currently on sabbatical away from New York City living and working in the Catskill Mountains sculpting a ten foot heart!

Six years ago I sold my first piece of art at PEACE & LOVE Cafe on Greenwich St. in Lower Manhattan. Since then I have designed and painted HeartART!  Raising money for charity through HeartART is my passion! Three years in a row now I have worked with many Non-Profit Organizations curating art shows to fight cancer and homelessness. Now I want to expand the HeartART to all New Yorkers living and working Downtown NYC- a rebuilding and rebirth of our Lower Manhattan through the arts!

Here is my plan!

The One Heart Art Project of Lower Manhattan is an art sculpture project "Celebration of Hearts"- if you will, that involves the entire Downtown Manhattan Community. In this project, I am building 10 ft. heart sculptures. I am asking 12 selected groups from Downtown New Yorkers to join in and finish the design of my art. If I win the studio space in Manhattan, I will have each group meet weekly to design and decorate the heart sculpture with paint and mixed media. I am almost finished with the first sculpture called "Time Out New York" where I will be unveiling at the New York City Art Expo 2011 in March!

 A professional videographer will be filming the project step by step to document the process.

The twelve groups selected for the first year  of the project are groups living and working downtown Manhattan:

1. The Firemen of Lower Manhattan

2. Construction Workers from Freedom Tower

3. Wall Street Traders South of Canal Street

4. Stay at home Mom's in Battery Park City and TriBeCa

5. Leaders of all lower Manhattan churches, synagogues, mosques etc...

6. Celebrities

7. Politicians working in City Hall

8. Policemen

9. Homeless

10. High School Students

11. Principals of Lower Manhattan

12. Artists

 Each month on completion of the designated heart, all residents, commuters, and tourists from around the world will be invited to celebrate the unveiling of the sculpture at the chosen location in Lower Manhattan and then displayed in the city parks.The celebration will include live music, food and NYC souvenirs!Please choose me for this award, I promise it will SPREAD LOVE above and beyond just one artist.


Downtown Girl 



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