Monday, December 20, 2010

Artist Interview: Gabriel Ewald

What is your name:

 Gabriel Ewald

Do you have a formal art education or are you a self taught artist:

 The most influence and teaching I received was through my mother and father. They both had an artistic side to them and showed me everything they knew.

What is the style of your pieces:

 Some impressionism maybe a little surrealism. Fantasy and I've done a few portraits.

What is the medium in which you work:

 I've used many but I mainly stick with oils.

What started you on your path as an artist:

 Since I was little, I found that It has always been the best way that I can express myself.

What is one of the most important things that art has brought to your life:


What is your favorite genre of art besides the one you work in:

 Surrealism and Impressionism

Do you have art showings, and if so what are they typically like:

 Actually no. I've never had any art showing other than the few I had in high school.

Do you have a certain set of clothes you make art in:


What has been the most frustrating part of being an artist?


What is your favorite sandwich of all time:

 French dip.

Has this year brought about any changes in your work, and if so what are they:

 Change in perspective mainly.

Who is your favorite artist alive or dead:


What is the most moving piece of artwork that you have seen in person:

 I really cannot answer this because I've seen so many.

Do you have any animals, and what do they think of your work:

Nope. No animals

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions you would like to share with us:

 I have none YET.


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