Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Call to Artists: Design a 19 Hole Golf Course Michigan

19 Holes: Artist-Designed Mini-Golf
Applications due by 1/16/11
Exhibition: March 4–31

It's time to play at the UICA! This winter we will present an exhibition of artist-designed mini-golf featuring 19 extreme and inventive holes (two nine hole courses with a common tenth, grand finale hole). UICA's mini-golf course will take over all five galleries at our 41 Sheldon Boulevard location.

UICA’s first mini-golf exhibition will occur during the premiere of LaughFest in Grand Rapids. LaughFest is a citywide festival of comedy, performance, exhibitions and film, inspired by the work of Gilda Radner and Gilda’s Club laughfestgr.org. The objective of our mini-golf exhibition is to be a remarkably creative, slightly competitive, laugh riot for families and friends.

Your challenge is to create a single hole for this mini golf course. Artists, designers, and architects are invited to design, build and install holes that respond to and utilize UICA’s floors, columns, hallways, windows, rafters, and more.

Download a UICA floorplan

If selected to participate in this exhibition, you will receive an honorarium of $150, $300 or $500. UICA’s curatorial committee will award the honoraria based on the wit, creativity, structural integrity, playability, and feasibility of your golf hole.

Wit:  Ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure

  Wildly innovative and visually stunning

Structural Integrity:  Must be able to withstand use by thousands of players of all ages and sizes for the full month of March.

Playability:  Mini-golf should be fun, not frustrating. Please design a hole that players can sink consistently in 2-5 putts.

Feasibility:  You will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, installation, and de-installation of your piece. Each hole must be designed with barriers to contain stray golf balls. Since the course will be located indoors, we do not want golf balls to become airborne, endangering players and/or our windows.

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