Monday, December 20, 2010

Call for Show Proposals: Soil Seattle

SOIL is now accepting proposals!

Schedule:From June through December 2011 (seven shows)
Stipend: $200 per show
Deadline: Postmark, or hand deliver by by 5pm, January 21, 2011

How To Apply

Project Description: Describe in a paragraph the themes and content of the show. It is imperative your description is clear and that it leaves us with a strong impression of what to expect from the exhibition you propose. Include project title, how many pieces in the show, media, and other important details on your plans for the exhibition. We are interested in compelling ideas, concisely stated.

Application: Fill out the PDF application, including the Work Description List. It is available to download and print here.

Work Sample: Enclose up to 15 digital images on a CD, including samples of work by all participating artists to provide a sense of the proposed show. Digital image files should be saved on the CD as the artists' last name and numbered corresponding to the Work Description List, such as Jones_01.jpg, Jones_02.jpg, Smith_03.jpg. Size images at 1200 pixels on the longest dimension. Do not embed images into PDF files. For video samples we will accept DVD and CD-ROM formats. Images are crucial to our understanding of your proposal. Your Project Description should function as the backbone that connects your image samples together.

Work Description List: List details of the work corresponding with their number, including artist’s name, title, dimensions of work, materials used and date executed for each piece.

Support Materials: We recommend but do not require enclosing a resume and one page or less artist statement from each participating artist. Please do not include reviews, publications, or other additional items.

SASE: Your materials will not be returned unless indicated on the application and accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope (with adequate stamps, not metered postage).
Proposals are accepted in person or by mail. Drop-off submissions will be accepted during gallery hours, Wednesday – Saturday, 12-5 pm. Mail to: SOIL, RE: Show Proposal, 112 3rd Ave South, Seattle WA 98104

The Fine Print

SOIL provides a stipend ($200) to assist with postcard printing & postage, and pays for vinyl wall lettering. All additional costs for the show, including shipping and insuring of artworks, reception food and drink, etc., are the responsibility of the curator. Additionally, the curator is responsible for installing and de-installing the show within the given schedule.
SOIL assists with writing and distribution of a press release, access to the mailing list, keeping the gallery staffed and general promotion on the website.


Sales occur directly between the artist or curator and the buyer. Gallery sitters are happy to put the artist or curator and buyer in touch with each other. SOIL encourages a 15%-30% donation of sales. While this is not required, we operate on a modest budget and appreciate donations. Our percentage is low because we are not focused on sales or supported by them. We are foremost dedicated to our mission to support emerging and innovative art in Seattle.
Click here to download SOIL Gallery floor plan PDF

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