Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Art Site Do You Use?

So Ty Clark from Veritas asked a question on our Facbook site a few days ago.

The question went like this I am about to build a new site for my art. Anyone have any opinions on carbonmade, bigblackbag, virb etc...

There were quite a few responses

Tom Trial Have you checked out ? 

Jaclyn Touchstone check out whiteloupe

Bonny Leibowitz i use

Jacque Allen Forsher other peoples pixels is another site, easy to use and you can sell through paypal.

So the question is: Have you used any of these art site, and if so which do you use?  Also have you had good sales?  


  1. I don't use any ecommerce websites for art at all. Most gallery directors have told me essentially the same thing- that the internet market for art is fairly poor (which is why they don't use them either). However, in terms of portfolio use, I work with Ovation TV's community site,, and Facebook (fan page).

  2. I agree with Aaron outside of Etsy, I was against Etsy for a long time and figured I would try it on some less expensive pieces and it has been pretty succesful, I even picked up a collector in LV who has purchase numerous large pieces. As for ecommerce sites if you are not selling a smaller "craft" not much will happen. I was looking for portfolio sites in the above conversation and ended up building out with wix..

  3. I use

  4. I tried a number of websites including Artbreak, Saatchii Online, Brooklyn Art Project, BRIC Arts, Etsy, & several others, but found that Facebook works best. It has a huge community of artists and fans of art. Considering Facebook has a worldwide community of 250 million users and counting, it makes sense that it works for art in addition to it's traditional purpose.

    I have sold more paintings via Facebook than all other websites. Also, many of the sales are to Europe and I live in the US, so it is nice if you are trying to establish an international market for your artwork. I am not aware of a way to do the sales transaction directly through Facebook. but PayPal has worked in every case.