Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ugh bug dug

I'm kind of tired. I guess I ate too much something or the other. I could go to bed, but instead I'm sitting, eyes burning, watching some ridiculous british flick with a hairy fat man. The hairy fat man being actually in the movie. My mind was kind of wandering in during the half twitted annoyance-- and I thought. Am thinking. About that 4 year old selling art in the New York gallery. I'm not naming any names because the whole thing is so fucking dumbassical. Has everyone gone mad? The kids work sucks. It sucks for a kid, it sucks for an adult. But you know what, this entire shit stunt is working. We are all reading, talking, puking about it. I wonder, where can a regular artist fit in to this convoluted strange world. I don't know -- I feel like taking a marker and writing shit on my face and sitting in the Moma.


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