Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pole dancing is not art

So I just read an article, an article so ridiculous that it borderlines on not being funny. If you'd like to see what I'm talking about just see the link below.


So, now you see. Pole dancing is not art according to the state of new york. Well, they don't qualify for the tax exemption.

This is curious, I've never heard of a tax exemption for art. In fact most artists can't even write off a donation they give, except for the material used.

Why are we artists again?

But the main question that came up was- what is art? This question in itself is the great mystery. Besides the tit poles, it's a question everyone asks. A lot of people don't get it. I mean if I put boogers on a shoe, is that art? Ayaya-- we have done this so many times. This is the question that alienates the general public. They don't know what art is, and they are scared.

The art culture has become so imploded with the bizarre that regular is out. The weirder the better in this game. That's the trend I see anyway. No wonder galleries are vanishing in a diaspora. I'm not saying rein in the work, I'm simply making an observation. Is it good, is it bad? I'm don't really care.

I'm glad that pole dancing is not art. But I can tell you this, if an artist did it instead of a business, it would be.

Cheers to T and fucking A!

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