Friday, June 10, 2011

smART Salons: There’s No Place Like Home Discussion: Sunday, June 26, 2 pm Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum ADMISSION IS FREE

Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum presents smART Salons: There’s No Place Like Home, a discussion of the meaning of “home.”

No question about it, the word “home” connotes an immediately identifiable group of ideas and images.  For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in houses owned by our parents, they were the backdrop for our childhood memories—the places we played and argued, hung our artwork, and marked the door jam with pencil as we grew taller. For better or worse, the “homes” of our childhood represent to many of us a measure of the success our parents attained, an outward expression of how hard work pays off in comfort, safety, and the respect of the community.

Yet, recent reports state that Gen Xer’s are earning less than their parent’s generation, challenging a long-held belief that each generation will be better off than the one that preceded it. Part of the American dream has included the idea of home ownership as a means of improving the quality of life. But, with the percentage of U.S. households that own a home at its lowest point since 1998, what place does the home play in this new era? Who gets to own a home now, especially in a place like Santa Barbara? What are the alternatives to home ownership and how do we measure success?

Join us at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAFsmART Salon Sunday, June 26, 2:00 pm as the Independent’s own Isabelle Walker moderates a panel discussion exploring the meaning “home” in Santa Barbara. A variety of perspectives will be shared in the examination of the complexities of this seemingly simple term.  Invited panel guests include Casa Esperanza Executive Director Mike Foley, U.C.S.B. Economics Professor Charles Stuart, and Faculty member at the Southern California Institute of Architecture Peter Zellner. Following the panel discussion, a short presentation of images of alternative housing developments will be presented by Peter Zellner.  ADMISSION IS FREE

Sponsored by the Santa Barbara Independent.

About the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum:  The Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF) is a non-profit, non-collecting alternative art space dedicated to the exhibition, education, and cultivation of the arts of our time.  Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2011, CAF is the premier venue for contemporary art between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  CAF is located at the Paseo Nuevo Mall Upper Arts Terrace in downtown Santa Barbara, CA and is open Tuesday - Saturday: 11 AM to 5 PM, Sunday: Noon to 5 PM during the run of the exhibitions.          

CAF  |  653 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA  93101   |    Paseo Nuevo Mall Upper Arts Terrace   |
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