Monday, November 22, 2010

Raise Money for Cancer

 Hello, My name is Oleus Lilly, a 31 year old man from Texas who has made a commitment to make a positive difference. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer a few years ago, in life she used to always joke that I run too much (I am an avid excersiser) and if I added up the number of miles that I have ran so far, I could have ran across the state of Texas by now. After losing someone who I loved so much, I felt lost, in shock...I then became angered and wanted to do something, anything. I decided to take my grandmother's light joke and make it a reality; but more than that, a reality that helps and inspires anyone who has cancer, anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer, and anyone who has survived cancer. Therefore, starting November 8, I (Oleus Lilly) will began my Run Across Texas.  There will be 3 phases to the run, the first from Ft. Worth, TX to Mineola, TX, the second phase starting in Mineola and ending in Tyler, TX, and the final phase starting in Tyler and ending in Longview, TX (about 200 miles total).  The Run Across Texas will be a 27 day fundraiser, ending in Longview, TX on Saturday December 4 in order to raise funds for cancer, the money raised will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Oleus' Website

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