Sunday, November 28, 2010

The BECA Foundation is pleased to present Sublime Affliction, a solo exhibition of new sculptural and wearable works by Jenn Parnell, at New Studio A.D., 312 Rosemont Ave, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102.


When discussing the development of Sublime Affliction, Jenn Parnell states:  
Imagery of cellular pathology inspires Sublime Affliction, a collection of wearable amuletic objects that addresses the intersection between health, belief and body image. The handheld and interactive objects, supported by explorations of form and pattern, speak to both the psychological aspects of disease and the faith mechanisms necessary to cope with diagnoses. Cellular imagery inspires decorative patterns for site specific installation on the body summoning questions of beauty. The pieces in Sublime Affliction emphasize the intimacy of jewelry and work with the dual nature of the private versus public aspect of jewelry. The pieces grow from the concept of jewelry as an intimate item that tangibly affects the person wearing it in a physical sense as well as psychologically. I set out to make pieces that were definitely jewelry, but were worn less as decoration for an outfit or appearance, but as supplements and mutations of the body itself.”
The exhibition runs December 1 -14, 2010. Exhibition hours are TUES-SAT: 11am - 5pm. The full exhibition will be viewable online at beginning December 1st.

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