Monday, November 1, 2010

Current Artist, Architect + Designer Exhibition Opportunities: 1. Double-Solo Exhibition Opportunity

1. Double-Solo Exhibition Opportunity
2. Lab AD

Double Solo Exhibition Opportunity: International Call to Artists, Architects + Designers
 **submission receive deadline is December 24, 2010**
(For this specific exhibition opportunity, patron support has enabled a lower submission fee of $10 and it has also provided for 2 stipends of $250 each.)

The BECA Foundation is pleased to present the following exhibition opportunity to two separate artists, architects or designers to each exhibit new works of art or design at New Studio A.D. located at 312 Rosemont Ave NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Duos, groups or collectives may also submit their work for review as one body of work.) This Call to Artists, Architects + Designers will remain open through December 24, 2010.
Those at least 18 years of age from all countries are encouraged to submit their works for consideration according to the guidelines below. Two separate artists, architects or designers will be selected by BECA Foundation directors + advisors to receive the exhibition opportunity from February 1 – 15, 2011 with an opening reception on February 4, 2011 from 5 – 8pm during Albuquerque’s First Friday ArtsCrawl. The space allocated for the exhibition is 650 sqft (60 sq meters) with a ceiling height of 14 feet (4.3 meters) allowing the exhibition to fill a full 9,100 cubic feet (258 meters cubed) of viewing space. Each of those two selected will be allocated either the front or rear areas of the exhibition space for the exhibition of their individual work and each of those two selected will receive a stipend of $250 for the exhibition of their work. Submitted works are not required to conform to any particular medium, style, theme or concept. Accepted works and mediums include but are not limited to: site-specific installations, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, drawing, printmaking, fiber, textiles, illustration, digital art, photography, video/new media, film, performance art, music and sound focused works, 3D animation, graphic design, product design, furniture design, haute couture fashion + accessories, architectural interventions/designs and functional art, etc.  In other words, all creative culminations are welcome. You may view past BECA exhibitions at , and

BECA is an acronym for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art and the core belief system at The BECA Foundation is that “New art + new design fuels the best of what’s yet to come on this planet.”  With a growing international BECA network now numbered just above 30,000, it is more important than ever for BECA to ensure that in addition to hosting the physical exhibition, the exhibition also be made available online at for those who are unable to attend in person. The exhibition remains online at in perpetuity for members of the public as well as journalists, writers, curators, collectors, gallery and studio directors in the US and abroad.  In addition, our outreach efforts extend well beyond our own growing BECA network. This extended outreach results in the exposure of exhibiting artist’s + designer’s work to an estimated 750,000 members of the local, regional, national and international art + design communities.
('2' is the next to last exhibition opportunity before BECA halts exhibitions temporarily in order to focus all energies toward its capital fundraising campaign to build its new exhibition facility, BECA ICAD. The facility will be the world's first year-round, large scale (50,000 sq ft) facility dedicated to the exhibition of new works by BOTH emerging artists AND emerging designers!)
Please download complete information and submission guidelines below by clicking onto the pdf file name.  
Dbl_Solo-Exh_Call to A+D.pdf
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Type : pdf

Once you've read the information, please follow the guidelines for available submission methods. If you wish to complete your submission online, please proceed by clicking onto the following 'submission fee' button: 

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