Thursday, December 22, 2011

FU Miller High Life! Regarding Case #:20759101

 UPDATE!  He got his Points BACK!  He is now Drinking Miller High Life Again!!!
Subject: Regarding Case #:20759101
Thank you for contacting MillerCoors.

We greatly appreciate your participation in our Miller High Life Extras promotion.  We have refunded 10260 points to your account. 

As of December 31, 2011 at 11:50:50 p.m. EST, all your Extras points will expire. So be sure to redeem your points, for merchandise or sweepstakes entries, before the end of the year or your points will expire and no longer be redeemable or available.

MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department
Ref: Case#N20759101

Over 10,000 points is what I lost.

That was a lot of High Life over a period of a few years. NO SHIT I HAD TO WATCH HIM DRINK IT!

I was looking at the items I could get for that amount and it appeared a shirt was all that I really was going to get since a lot of items are no longer available. A T-SHIRT!!!!!!! THAT'S ALL HE WANTS!!!!!

Your commercials on TV advertise that High Life is for the everyday kind of person. I really liked it and people would talk crap about me drinking it but I didn't care. 

Well big corporations are what they are. No Honey its White Trash Beer!

I'll be happy to inform everyone on Twitter and Facebook to think about how I was treated by your company over a lousy 10,000 points. And I'll be happy to inform them that a 30 pack equals 300 points and a 12 pack is 120 points. ALL HE WANTS IS A TSHIRT!!!!

Cheers fuckers!!!!!!!

Sincerely ,

Erick Platten

On Dec 22, 2011, at 9:21 AM, "MillerCoors Online" <> wrote:
Thank you for contacting MillerCoors. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Based on our Terms and Conditions if you are inactive for 120 days, all points accrued to date will be expired and no longer available for redemption.  Inactivity means that you have not entered in a code or redeemed for a reward in 120 days.

We apologize for the fact that your points expired. (WHAT!  FUCK YOU!!! -- FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE BOTTLE NECK MILLER FUCKING HIGH LIFE!!!!!!)   The point expiration system is an automated process that we are unable to prevent or override.  This is the reason why we send out two warning e-mails.  One email at 90 days of inactivity, and another email at 113 days of inactivity.  We apologize for any inconvenience, unfortunately we are unable to reverse point expiration. 

We are sorry our response could not be more positive. Rest assured, your comments have been shared with the appropriate personnel. WHAT?  All he wants is a motherfucking SHIRT!  Give the man a damn Shirt ASSHOLES!

MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department
Ref: Case#N20759101

Over 10,000 of my miller high life points have expired. I believed I could use my points until time ran out on the 31st and there is still a counter stating 11 days to go. This isn't right.  I was committed to saving my points and use them during the last month to get something nice. Well this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and as much as I like Miller High Life I don't think I'll drink another one of your beers if my points are not reinstated. I read your clause that says an account that is inactive can lose its points.  Well I guess my 10,000 points of drinking your beer just got pored down the drain. Please reinstate my point because I earned every one of them.  This just isn't right when I really believed the end date was 12/31. I would appreciate a response to my email. I just don't think I could think of a high life beer the same after this incident I worked hard to earn those points. Your consideration is appreciated. Sincerely, Erick Platten

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