Tuesday, May 10, 2011


367 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY   11211
opening on
May 20th, 2011 8pm-until closing

Helene Ruiz will   be bringing back her multi-media and international artists collective ‘THE   URBAN INDIVIDUALISTS’ and their artist affiliates to WMC with music themed   and music inspired artworks paying tribute and homage to musician and   composer, the great Mr. Gerry Eastman and “The Williamsburg Music Center”,   founded by Mr. Eastman in 1981. WMC exists to foster the creation,   performance and appreciation of American Classic Music. It is Brooklyn’s   only black-owned and operated non-profit jazz institution, and the only one  in New York City that offers classes and workshops in jazz performance and   history. This exhibit will formally open on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 8pm and will be accompanied with live music provided by Gerry Eastman’s band.  A minimal donation of $5  at the door and a 2 drink minimum at the bar will go to WMC in order to help continue its mission to further the evelopment of aspiring jazz composers and provide forum for new  jazz works to be polished and performed and to continue offering classes in Music, Music Theory and Vocal technique. Eight children’s scholarships are made available each season as well. We invite all to   come and support the mission and efforts in making education and culture a   voice through the arts and to share an exciting, culturally rich and   inspiring event. Exhibiting Visual Artists;
G May
Ina Mar
Gary   Dunn
Helene Ruiz
Chuck Smith
Keith Duncan
Dalton Brown
David   Marion
Jokulo Cooper
Ernest Hodnett
Pete Rodriguez
Gerry   Eastman
Alain Laforestrie
Lolita Standard
Damien Venditti
Juan   Carlo Suazo
Khalid Thompson
Ana Marie Paredes
Marthalicia   Matarrita
Booker T. Williams, Jr.
Mia Roman-Hernandez
Alice Mizrachi   (founder of YOUNITY, a collective of women artists)
a rough cut short film   of the late Earl Wilkie by his son david Raine

An Urban Individualists Event Curated by Helene Ruiz, co-curated by Jakulo Cooper in collaboration with WMC, Gerry Eastman

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