Monday, April 11, 2011

Artist of the Week H.L. Groen

As an artist H.L. Groen paints with myth, religion, spiritualism and freedom of the mind; infused with symbolism and sublime obscurities of her unconsciousness. She imbues each painting with passion and takes great pleasure in the act (so she assures). Her images are filled with expression, bold colors and dominant wistful strokes, saturating her work with life and ENERGY.

As individuals we continue to change and seek truth in ourselves. Heather's art is how she finds her way; who she is, who she was and who she will become. Upon reflection, H.L. has surmised that creating is for her a type of therapy. It is also a natural high; a reward for the mind that requires incessant feeding. She likes to think that her audience visualize and encompass their own stories - personal connections to the works. What they perceive may be different than what she challenged herself to create. Heather feels that personal connection is the ultimate purpose of her art once released into the WORLD.

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