Sunday, October 17, 2010

His And Hers Ken and Maureen Womack at the Continental Lofts

Creative couple, Ken and Maureen Womack opened a new show last week at the Continental Lofts building during the Deep Ellum Walk. DJ Rare and the generosity of De Los Vodka  behind the bar created a cool urban rest stop  for art lovers on the 15 + gallery walk. 

“His and Her’s” is the title of the 26 piece show, and the gallery lends itself well to the theme.  As guests takes a left to the His side they encounter the encaustic and acrylic array of Ken’s latest works.  Heavy texture, and collage in wax cover canvases and boards with intricate and interesting designs.  But the far wall of His is the real treat.  Ken has created a Pop-Art/Op-Art portrait series with both iconic faces and unfamiliar ones.  Get close and explore the rich, and funky textures, step, further back....and get a visual treat of joyful joys (On My Mind) and  mysterious sorrows of Elvis, Sophia and James Dean.

On the other side of the gallery, Maureen completes the Hers side of the show.  Hers is a mix of large-scale non-representational acrylics with vivid colors and heavy textures.  On the back wall hangs a series of whimsical still-lifes with skewed perspectives and patterns (Unstill Life, Fruit Loose). With vibrant colors and loose brushwork, Maureen creates an unpredictable and energetic body of work.

Both artists share a studio and although they can’t help but influence each other, their styles are completely different.  His bold and graphic approach next to her abstract yet feminine pieces fill out a show that only makes sense by separating the two. 

His and Hers will hang until October 30.  Please call 972-345-8684, or maureen@womackpaints for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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