Monday, October 25, 2010

Gallery Reception – HCG Gallery, Dallas

 The Story of "Link": Artist George of San Antonio exhibits his sculpture in Miami Beach. There, he pays a visit to the studio of local artist David. Then, en route to a bar, David and George run into local artist Adriana on the street. Artist Adriana already knows David, has heard of George, and is thirsty, so Adriana joins artists George and David and they spend the night discussing art, life and metal fabrication techniques.

These are the simple beginnings of the show "Link," opening at HCG Gallery October 23rd. But there are more substantial links between artists Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben and George Schroeder. The three all work in metal, pairing the medium's indestructibility with more fleeting elements of love, lyricism and lightheartedness. To an artist working in metal, the material is both irresistible and resisting, a medium born of fire and violence. Artists A, D and G will tell you: metal is forever. Life, not quite.

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San Francisco Bay Area native, DJ Miss Megan will be making a cameo at the opening of "Link," spinning her own savvy brand of Deep House music.

Megan McDowell is a trained pianist, violinist and saxophonist who also studied art history at The University of Texas, Austin.  In 1997 she became a DJ’ing member of the Stompy Stomp crew, where she cultivated her own genre of quirky Deep House music. Megan received her House music education working with Naked Music's Mauricio Aviles at Zebra Records on Haight Street, San Fran. In 2005 Megan established her own record label and has been producing and engineering tracks under the name Megadank 4200. She's signed tracks to Los Angeles based label Deepfunk Records and SF based COA records - available on Itunes worldwide.
"Link" Saturday, October 23   6-8:30 pm
HCG Gallery
1130 Dragon St. Suite 190

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