Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Miranda Ratner's "We Are Love", art show and love-in at Hubbell Street Galleries opening Dec 7th

Miranda Ratner
We Are Love
Solo Exhibition and Love-In
Hubbell Street Galleries
151 Hubbell Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
December 3 - 10, 2017
Opening Reception: December 7, 5:30 – 7:30pm

San Francisco) - For her BFA graduate exhibition at Hubbell Street Galleries, Miranda Ratner presents mixed media works that emit a bright chromatic energy. In her artist statement she talks about her desire to "actualize a spirited chromatic universe, indulging in a creative process that is childlike and free." By presenting her solo-exhibition reception as a “Love-In,” Miranda aims to enliven in people's hearts and minds the ideas of universal love, healing, and connectivity.

Her vibrant and saturated work are created through an interweaving of shapes, brush-strokes and layers of color that evoke the dynamic flow of the process of life that can be extracted and interpreted from the wonders of nature. In each work, Ratner thinks about the relationship between patterns and shapes and creates an energized surface that has otherworldly and dream-like qualities. She wants to transport her viewer into a positive
realm that dances with color and indulges in the positive forces of creation.
Ratner creates rectangular as well as circular paintings and often incorporates found materials into the compositions. In one tondo-shaped piece a colorful array of strings hang from the bottom edge akin to a Native American dream-catcher; in another she surrounds the work with pom-poms made from yarn, suggesting celebration. Ratner is a daring artist who is not afraid to experiment and expand from the flattened canvas. This is evident in her sculptures where she wraps irregular forms made from chicken wire with
gestural abstractions juxtaposed with the occasional tassel or pom-pom.
As Ratner continues to develop her personal aesthetic, her works will of course begin to change. At this moment in time the works are a burst of light, suggesting hope in times of change.

Miranda Ratner attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts from 2009-2013.

She studied art at Hampshire College from 2013-2015 before receiving a BFA from California College of the Art in San Francisco. She has exhibited her works in Los Angeles and San Francisco since 2010.

Art, Art, and more Art

Location:San Francisco

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