Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Call to Artists London Berlin Festival

You are invited to apply to participate into YAI's London & Berlin Art Festivals 2012.

Sign up and Fill the form:
The selection will be done by a jury.

Jury (provisional draft):
- Uta Grosenick (Taschen and Distanz art editor)
- Agnes Kohlmayer (curator)
- Carlo Massarini (critic, journalist TV)
- Markus Miessen (critic consultant, writer)
- Jennifer Rubell (artist, writer)
- Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine editor)
- Rob Sharp (arts correspondent The Independent UK)
- Nicola Trezzi (Flash Art International NY editor)
- Angela Vettese (IAUV Venice)

Notice: festivals are dedicated to artist up to 35.
If you are older you can sign-up anyway to receive further
informations about our initiatives and events.

Your email address has been found into an artists' website.
If you do not wish to receive our messages any more
please reply NO in the subject line to this email.

Thank you

Best regards.
Daniel Belsson

International Art Incubator Foundation - London

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