Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art Walk Tyler Texas

It was cold, but we still ventured out to the Art Walk.  Not only was it fun, I had some of the best hot chocolate ever- from the downtown coffee lounge. Oh and the cupcakes at Salon Verve were frankly better than any around.  Besides all that, the art was great to see.  How can you not get you butt out of the house when local artists have set up to show their works? Me-- I have to go. I could make a suggestion that the Liberty theater move their show back an hour on art walk night. ;)  But seriously-- go check out Liberty too.

Cheryl Mclure at the coffee lounge.

Lisa Rachel Horlander

Gallery Main Street

David Brown

Ruth Drayer

Kelsey Wade

Joel Nichols

Me getting my caricature by Jeff Olver

Joan Iverson

Daniel Kanu Jr.

Dana Shelley Cargile

Mike Acoustic

Katherine J Zymbroy

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