Monday, November 28, 2011

PCPC Celebrates Advent with Music and Visual Art Dallas Texas

Please join us this Sunday evening, 27 November, for the First Sunday of Advent as we gather together in the PCPC Chapel to celebrate HIS coming with worship through both the visual and musical arts.

7:00 pm
Refreshments prior and following with the artists.

Concert pianist, Alex McDonald, will be performing pieces from Messiaen, Liszt and Bach. Mr. McDonald is a graduate and fellow adjunct faculty member of the Julliard School. His doctoral work on Liszt's Sonata in B Minor has been cited by Alfred publishers. 

PCPC will officially 'open' the temporary installation of John Patrick Cobb's work with a reflective  presentation this Sunday evening by the artist. The Chapel Series by Cobb was begun in 1983 and the final piece completed in 2011. Each wood panel is created in the traditional 'icon' way established by the early church and translated into a modern-day visual language. The theme of the series is most importantly Christ. We first encounter the anticipation of Christ with the image of young Mary being guided by her loving grandfather. The image gives a premonition of Mary and Joseph's "Flight into Egypt" with infant Jesus that would come. The series offers four pivotal images of Christ's Passion, but does not end there as Christ continues to live in each one of us through Joy, Ms. Rose, True Religion, and other contemporary figure portraits. All the individuals that the artist has represented in his work reflect an actual person in the Cobb's life. Many are in his Austin church

John Cobb is able to preach the gospel story in a visually stunning way that captures contemporary details (such as the wristwatch on the arm of a man assisting the descent from the cross) while still remaining timeless - just as God's word should be. He purposely includes men and women of all ages and ethnicities. "This is no artificial, politically correct statement; these are folks and details we all know," Susan Geyer, Image Journal #47, 2005.  John Cobb’s aim is to reveal love, real love, in today’s language. Good liturgical art augments the worship by enlarging the dialogue between God and the people. The crucial factor is that the art points to the main thing: God. With years of prayer and utmost humiliation, Cobb has created such art that is fitting and rightly resonates the theology of Christ's teachings.

Please arrive early as there is limited seating in the chapel. All are welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there!

In Christ our Saviour,

Lawan Glasscock
Park Cities Presbyterian Church

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