Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New exhibitions with Fannie Brito, Teri Muse, Diane Walker-Gladney and S. Chuck McCarter at the Bath House

Join us for the opening reception of our two new art exhibitions
Saturday, July 8, 2017 • 7-9 PM
Featuring live music by Percussion Things - Free and open to the public
Recollective: Paintings by Fannie Brito, Diane Walker-Gladney and Teri Muse

July 8-August 5, 2017

One of the most interesting aspects of abstract painting is the medium’s ability to inspire the viewer to experience the work from two different, yet interconnected, sensorial perspectives: the perception of the work centered on the outward qualities that make the painting attractive and captivating, and the nonconcrete, subliminal aspects of the art that often require subjective decoding and active participation of the public. The three artists featured in the Recollective exhibition, Fannie Brito, Teri Muse, and Diane Walker-Gladney, are aware of the interlinked relationship of the material and the intangible every time they create their works. Although each of the artist’s is focusing on diverse impressions and is using different technical approaches to do her work, the viewer can still detect a number of concepts and viewpoints that all of the artists are sharing.

The Recollective exhibition brings together the artists’ common interests and sensibilities and explores the power granted by the art of painting to evoke enduring images, memories, and emotions. Through abstract paintings, formed with multiple layers of color, texture, implied texts, and vivid expressiveness, the painters attempt to rescue a hidden or almost forgotten recollection. The process of painting becomes a vehicle to the subconscious world of the artists and the final works are an earnest effort to remember some occurrence or experience that is transplanted from the memory to the canvases. An essential task of the viewer in the gallery then becomes to extract his own personal messages and remembrances from the field of color and marks so that, as a result, the exhibition turns into a collaborative reminiscing act that is both rich and engaging.

July 8-August 5, 2017
The paintings from S. Chuck McCarter’s new exhibition, Whimsical, at the Bath House Cultural Center, faithfully reflect the artist’s natural inclination for the playful interaction of art elements and the world of his experiences, real and imagined. He affirms that art is his mind at play and that colors, shapes, and surface textures are his sandbox from which his content emerges.

The inspiration for Chuck’s work come from childhood stories, fairy tales, ancient historical epics, the Bible, Native American narratives and careful observations of daily life and its oddities. The artist includes humans, animals, metaphorical imagery, and multicultural references in his work. Although some of the artist’s work is based on research and study, he describes his work as an often evolving and ever-changing process that he embarks upon intuitively and spontaneously, often with the aid of meditation and inner exploration. Through relaxed contemplation, inwardness, and silence, the painter finds his deepest soul, letting the piece dictate what it wants to become. The artist explains: “Correct painting, so to say, can only happen or be expressed when the colors themselves are allowed to lead, letting specific shapes and themes arise from the color’s interaction. When the practicioner is neither impossing himself on the process, nor trying to take control, real art can take place.”

S. Chuck McCarter is a visual artist, exhibition curator, and a recently retired art professor. He lives and works near White Rock Lake in East Dallas.

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