Saturday, October 1, 2011

I think I'm addicted to Sushi

I really love it...

Can one become addicted to sushi?

Do you need meetings?

Is it OCD? Or is it just good?

I'm thinking I would like to start making it at home, except I think the rice part is labor intensive.

Then I would need a bunch of things to fill it with-- that causes me a certain amount of anxiety. It's hard enough to pick which sushi you want from the restaurant let alone trying to find fillings for a home made version.

Fuck! What to do?

It's to late to marry a sushi chef. Should I move to Japan and sweep the floor of a sushi restaurant until I can work my way up the line?

Maybe I can work for free at Uchi, that's what Paul Qui did-- and look at him now. He's on Bravo! I want to be on Bravo...

I tried out for the next great artist twice and didn't get on. These people don't know what they are missing. They need me no?

Just think, i could have all of this if I could just make sushi...

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