Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Artist J. Fredric May honors stroke month with solo show at CA Center for Digital Arts

Artist J Fredric May shouldn’t be alive to open his solo exhibition during Stroke month. Thanks to his cat, Apparition: Postcards from Eye See You will be on view at the California Center for Digital Arts, Santa Ana in May.

This exhibit traces a fateful moment in 2012 in which May, a photojournalist and film industry professional arrived home after a trip and found it strange for his cat not to greet him. Instead, May heard unusual sounds outside. “In all these years he had never heard or seen his cat act like this. It worried him,” comments May’s wife Lisa. Something unusual was in the air. May pursued his cat high up in his yard’s tree, slipped and fell breaking several of his ribs. In the hospital it was discovered that May was having an aortic aneurysm and a stroke and was able to get help quickly. “It all links back to the cat, who we think had a sense something was wrong, and saved his life” Lisa says.

May became partially blind and diagnosed with Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS). What he didn’t lose however was his ever-restless urge to create. May uses his now-skewed vision and has pioneered a unique technical and expressive approach to photography. May’s engaging with both digital and analog photographic processes and consequently aided in May's recovery and has landed him with numerous awards, and upcoming exhibits.

Art, Art, and more Art


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