Thursday, October 26, 2017

Artist Kumi Hirose Fine Art Grant Recipient

Kumi Hirose is the most recent recipient of the "Christopher E. Burke Fine Art Grant," for excellence in her approach and quality in the visual arts. This grant is awarded as part of our exhibitions at Gallery 25N and is provided to visual artists worldwide.

Kumi Hirose was born in 1986 in Tokushima prefecture, Japan. Since then, Kumi has received significant recognitions, including the following accolades:

2017 "Abstract 2017" Gallery 25N (Online)
2013 The 98th Nika Art Exhibition / Selected〈Tokyo)
2010 The 20th All Japan First Prize Painting Exhibition, Art Salon / Selected (Tokyo)
2009 Kojin Toneyama Prize The 4th Triennale Competition / Selected (Iwate)
2008 The 44th Kanagawa Art Exhibition / The Second Prize (Kanagawa)
2008 A Prize of Collection in Joshibi University of Art and Design Art Museum (Tokyo)
2008 Yoshiyuki Kato Memorial Prize / Joshibi University of Art and Design (Tokyo)
Most recently, Ms Hirose presented her solo exhibit in New York City (details below). Once again, congratulations, Ms Hirose:
Kumi Hirose Solo Exhibit
Crazy Toy Box 3
International Center of CCCS
80 Maiden Lane
14th Floor,
New York, NY 10038
Gallery Hours: Mon - Fri, 11AM - 6PM

We are fortunate recipients of the reflections Kumi has chosen to present based on her life experiences as those explosive imageries are represented in the remarkably flowing elements in her art work. Kumi's symbolic journeys aimed directly at this world are mythical escape routes leading to unexplored realms. We hope that the following narrative does justice to her creative magic.

Rivers of Humanity
Narrative by: Suzanne Ingrao
What is different here, so exciting that it appears to be born from an emergence which has miraculously defined a world within which tolerance as a requirement for peace, acceptance, and empathy has become antiquated thought? Why? Because these benevolent qualities are in-borne---this is a world unbeknownst (unfortunately) to ours; the fires of life are not defined by integration but rather are independent forces all welcoming community as an undefined touch---a delicate touch as if each element is a kiss to the forehead---cerebral reassurance.

Kumi Hirose's paintings are classic celebrations of who we humans are capable of being within her beloved world---connective energies, although ephemeral, will leave lasting impermeable and contiguous forces subject only to our commitment to their escalation of ideals. This progression is essential to its perseverance against forward enemies. Such mirthful exuberance is a fresh bow to welcome journeys so progressively displayed.

The Kumi abstractions speak to us, with vibrant symbolic literacy and yet profound understatement, the existential rise of which humankind is capable. We must cling to such artistic voyages, though painful arrows of archaic thought and deliberate defiance persist in reactionary effort. As long as artists such as Kumi exist and speak to and for our hearts as guides, we will prevail in our quest to honor life in all its potential brilliance.

Art, Art, and more Art

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